Monday, 27 November 2017

Southend Dog Groomer - And Rochford, Hockley,Rayleigh & Shoebury!

It has been an achingly long time since I last wrote my dog grooming blog. The main reason being it took us an achingly long time to sell our house in France (or so it seemed) and finally relocate to Beautiful Barling where we now live permanently. 
Wheaten Terrier Pet Clip
Although I stopped blogging whilst we were in France I didn't stop grooming, in fact I've left behind some very sweet dogs and their owners (shout out to Roxy, Raffles, Gizmo, Oscar, Bindi, Marley, George, Milo, Ollie, Dilly and all the others. If my new clients are half as sweet I'm a very lucky dog groomer).

I've also been busy improving my skills and knowledge as a dog groomer in other ways. Dog grooming is currently an unregulated profession in the UK which means there are a lot of (good) dog groomers who do not possess a  qualification because they have learnt their skills in house. But there is an industry wide recognised standard, the City & Guilds Level 3 Stylist. Attaining this involves completing a number of assignments & modules both theoretical and practical.

I have achieved my Introductory Level 3 which means I am now qualified as well as experienced! To deserve the title of stylist a dog groomer then has 4 practical exams to pass and as of October I've got the first one of these under my belt!
I've been steadily ticking them off and I am proud to say
So bring me your dogs people, I am ready when you are!!


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