Monday, 5 February 2018

Are There Any Medium Sized Dogs In Rochford & Southend?

Are there any medium sized dogs in Rochford & Southend? Southend Scalliwags is up and running once more and I am gradually re-building a client base for my in home grooming enterprise.
I advertise that I am able to groom small & medium dogs but apart from some gawguss cockers (my favourite breed of course!!) all my bookings so far have been with small breeds - Shih tsuzs, Poms & Poodles for example. Hmmmn. Which leaves me wondering if I need to clarify what exactly I mean by a medium sized dog!
Spaniels, Wheaten Terriers, Fox Terriers, Schnauzers, Collies (Bearded & Rough) these are all medium sized breeds which come to mind immediately that benefit from regular grooming appointments.
But what if you have a small Golden or Flat Coat Retriever? Normally perceived as larger breeds but erm, small large breeds? Is it worth giving Southend Scalliwags a call?
I need to be able to lift your dog on & off the table &/or in and out of the bath, which means I am limited to dogs weighing approx. 25kg or less.
I have a larger table for rangier dogs, so if you are worried that your lean but long legged pooch won't fit, let me reassure you it shouldn't be a problem!

What about puppies? Dogs start small and getter bigger of course, so a labradoodle puppy may fit the
bill perfectly in terms of size & weight. Of course I am happy to offer puppy grooms and it may make really good sense for your pup to have their first professional grooming experience in the familiar and unthreatening surroundings of home. Thinking long term though, you should be looking for a groomer that  your dog will get to know and trust over successive grooming appointments, which means finding someone who can accommodate you once the puppy is fully grown too.

So don't be shy, there are small large dogs and large small dogs - all good and I am happy to discuss your requirements whatever! Give me a call on 07555207128


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