Saturday, 11 July 2015


.... Max!
I am fortunate enough to meet many beautiful, funny & quirky pooches in my line of work but I have to confess I have a very special place in my heart for Max! This may be partly because he bears a passing resemblance to a certain other spaniel I am quite fond of:
Here's Max on the right post groom, with my Delilah on the left - cute couple hey!

But it has much more to do with his history. I first groomed Max back in April. He was in full coat but like most of the dogs in these parts he is lucky enough to lead a very active, outdoor life and keeping his coat tangle free & comfortable was getting a bit much. So his owner asked me to clip him down. As you can see, his new style suits him very well. He loves a swim which although great exercise for a dog can result in a dry, dull coat, so his owners supplement his diet with omega 3 to help keep it glossy & healthy.
After I groomed him I received this heart rending email, telling me Max's amazing story:

Babs-he looks fantastic! Thank you! Was he a good boy??

He has a story. He had had five owners before we were asked by the vet to take him. At that time he was 25 kgs!! We'd had him a month,and I was walking the 3 dogs off the lead on a forest track. Suddenly I couldn't see Max any more. We desperately searched for A MONTH AND A DAY between February and March.Someone in the valley opposite said they could hear a dog crying in the forest. We eventually got the pompiers to come-they said they would use it as a practice exercise-there were 5 fire engines!! After 6 hours,they brought him back up. He had fallen 30 metres, broken his left hind leg and survived on a small promentary during all that time! He just got in his basket and went to sleep when he got home! He's a strong dog! That was 4 years ago now.

So that's Max.

Was he a good boy? He was a perfect angel and he is welcome back anytime!