Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Winter Grooming

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, it is understandable that clients start wondering "How short is too short to keep Fido warm??" Fortunately most coats grow back pretty quickly, much quicker than human hair so this is only presents a problem for a week or so after grooming.

You may be happy to simply slip on a woolly pully but if you are not into doggy dressing up you may well be considering rearranging your grooming schedule over the next  few months. But how best to approach this for maximum effect?

Two things to think about: A very short cut may be too cold for Winter weather BUT Winter walking conditions are predictably a lot more mucky and it stands to reason your dog's coat will hold onto a lot more dirt the longer it is - and all dog owners will know and love (?) that smell of cheesy wet socks as your BFF walks into a room!!
Mud glorious mud!

If your dog is normally clipped short on a regular basis, it isn't difficult to leave a little bit of extra length on so your dog isn't left feeling naked and shivering immediately post groom. It's probably goes without saying that the majority of coat types will naturally increase the undercoat layer and thicken in response to colder weather too.However this does mean that the coat will reach the optimum length for easy maintenance more quickly and so you may have to reduce the time between each groom - or be prepared to be a bit more hands on with the brush & comb! Generally, if your grooming appointments are a regular 6-8 weeks apart this really should not be a problem.
If you like to keep your dog in full coat and/or want to keep a lot more length on it to keep out the cold, consider booking a few maintenance grooms during winter. Cheaper than a full groom, your BFF will be thoroughly bathed, brushed out to knot free and all the awkward spots taken care of  (footpads, armpits & between the eyes cleared of hair) plus nails clipped and ears cleaned. BFF will emerge fragrant and fun to cuddle once more - at least until the next opportunity to bog snorkel!!

If, like a lot of customers, budget is an issue and you can only afford to have your Scalliwag groomed at intervals, thoughtful timing can really make a difference.

A client of mine had re-homed a very heavy coated cocker spaniel. Taking him on had very much been a heart over head decision and (like many) she had not taken into consideration the cost of regular visits to the groomer because (like many) she had not understood that for most heavy coated dogs this is essential for their health and comfort, not just a matter of vanity. After a chat we agreed that 4 visits a year for a clip down were affordable for her and sufficient to keep the dog in good health. But she was concerned that the dog might be too cold in winter and too hot in summer when the dog's coat was in extremis. So I suggested we schedule the grooms: Beginning of November/Beginning of February/Beginning of April/Beginning of June. This way she could avoid the dog being in unseasonably short coat during the worst of Winter and unseasonably long coat during height of Summer. And experience showed this worked a treat!!

So don't leave it until the day before to think about booking your dog in at the groomer. Start thinking NOW about a seasonal schedule that will keep your BFF looking and feeling in tip top condition. Please, please don't leave it until even your teenage son cannot stand the smell of wet dog a moment longer to try booking in, or (worse still for your groomer) cancel a groom the day before because there is suddenly a cold snap. Seasons happen every year!

Call/Text 07555207128 today to organise a grooming appointment with Southend Scalliwags or visit www.southenddoggroomer.co.uk for more information.


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